Current Time On The Rock

Thursday, December 10, 2009


My friend Tony and I love mulling around in boats. Our boat of choice is the Nordkapp kayak. What fine craft indeed they are. What fun they are to paddle really on any day but this sunny fine day paddling around Kelly's Island and Little Bell made for some typical kayak fun on the water. Off course one of us always finds a bit of excitement either we are lifted skywards on waves or pushed menacingly sideways in surf or just rocked in wind, whatever the case, we feel at home on the water.


Brian Newhook said...

Amazing shot Stan. You certainly have a knack for taking photos.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Thanks Brian. You do something long enough it kinda grows on ya.


Tony said...

That was another great day we had Stan. Thinking about it now wistfully as I haven't been in my boat now in 9 days, cripes, I'm suffering.

Tony :-)