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Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Frosty The Nordkapp"

About two weeks ago we got winter in one day...literally, 25-30 cm of snow. We felt swamped. Today it is barely visible except as frost on the stern of my boat. I'm just getting ready to put-in here for a Dec 24th paddle with some friends. What a day it turned out to be. If you are not a paddler and stumbled on my blog for some reason, I give you the gift of encouragement for the season. I encourage you to paddle, as I believe you will find a certain peace there, for many, like myself, it may be our only religion. This of course means that everytime we are on the water and finding our peace we are in fact celebrating our own faith. A hope, maybe even a belief that we have found something bigger than ourselves and something worth sharing. So just do it and you too will enjoy writing and talking about it. Just ask any kayaker, well maybe you shouldn't because once they are on the topic it is hard to shut them down and you all know what I mean. Happy Holidays to you and your families and safe winter paddling.

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