Current Time On The Rock

Saturday, November 07, 2009

I'm mucking inside today. It is a bit miserable weather wise outside however Tony and I did think about getting out on the water today. I opted for the coziness of a Saturday inside playing camera. I was reminded though of a paddle earlier in the year with Tony around Fortune Bay. During the evening we had a fire and the warmth of the fire that night was as soothing as this photo of it is today. Like I said, nice and toasty inside.


gnarlydog said...

Stan, bloody good image of a fire on the beach.
It's a rather hard thing to photograph effectively.
Your shot shows well lit foreground (I presume flash) and very dark sky.
Any postproduction to saturate the fields and balance the light?

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Hey Gnarly Dog. Yes there was post production and I did use a flash to saturate the foreground. WE had burned a bit of wood to this point the colas were pretty hot.