Current Time On The Rock

Saturday, November 21, 2009


It was one of those days on the water in St. Philips today where the weather was a smorgasbord full of elements. Rain, fog in the distance, wind, a penchant of sun and well did I say rain? I love paddling in the rain I'm sure it must rate up there with singing in the rain and today I did both. Paddled and sung. It was obvious we were all enjoying ourselves especially the wind wave surfing and by the sounds of it we all caught a nice one or two or even three or more. Malcolm is just in his own element here.


malcolmrowe said...


It's a great photo. I dare say you enhanced it in the digital darkroom, but to get it as good as you did means you started with a well composed raw image. It's now my desktop background.


Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Trade secrets Malcolm. lol

I have another nice one of you that I call "Taking The Lead" . That one will be on my Gull Feather site when completed. Available only for sale though It will be in the gallery section under Recreation.

gnarlydog said...

I see Malcolm using a stick.
Carbon Novarca?
You say that you guys were surfing wind waves. Does Malcolm find the stick suitable for that use?

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Malcolm seems to have adapted well to the stick. It is from Superior PAddles I think. A very nice stick indeed. He uses it on most of his paddles and appeared to have no problem with the waves Malcolm has studied both indepth and is much more knowledgeable than I and hopefully he will respond to your comment here.