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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Taking a bit of break in the broiling waters.

It wasn't always easy to focus and take a shot at the same time. There was a fair amount of bracing today and many waves crashing over the sprayskirt deck, hence my face too. I was crusted in salt afterwards....I love that

A little lumpy but exhilirating to paddle in. There was the odd good surf too.

"Then There Was Two"

The sterns of Tony's and Macolm's boats.

"Give Me 20 Knts"

Tony and Malcolm making speed good in 20knt winds. The spray of Malcolm's paddle tells the wind tale, the sea state is not so obvious however in this shot. It was a cool but sunny day on the water and believe me, the sun has been scarce in these parts as of late. St. Philip's is always a good put in to get a feel for most water conditions. Great to stretch the paddle muscles though.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"In The Gut, Quidi Vidi"

This weather in St. John's has got me reminiscing about our Jan.1st paddle. Our club has one every year at Quidi Vidi, no matter the weather. We should be well prepared for it this year as the weather sucks! Lost count of the Gale warnings we've had in the last three weeks, but there are windows of opportunity and you just have to be ready for them. Tony has been getting out, he is able. Soon we'll be in the throws or winter you gotta take your paddling sessions when you can get them. Well there is always the pool and those sessions have started as well. It's just that time of year.
Here Jim Price is slicing through The Gut on Jan 1st, 2009 dawning his sou'wester as it was a very miserable cold day if I recall......perfect for a Jan. 1st paddle in Newfoundland.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Paddling In The Lull Of A Storm, Part2"

If you pay closer attention at times 3:35 and 4:11 you will see the waves start to hide the horizon, and then crash on shore, respectively. Too bad pictures mask some of the actual sea state and I suspect they do to a degree save that you just have to have the right angles to get quality shots. I most certainly did not, especially since the drops were starting to mask and coat the lens as was obvious by the water blobs and streaks in the video. Kind of fun to try and capture something though.

"Middle Cove To Outer Cove"

Last weekend Tony and I had a paddle from MIddle Cove To Outer Cove in the lull of a storm. It was an exciting paddle wrought with a few challenges however conditions were not too crazy. This video is launching in Middle Cove and then making our way to Outer Cove and back again, and does not have the wave I spoke of in a previous post. If you like bronc-bucking, kind-a-paddling........paddle in 'The Lull Of A Storm'.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Storm Watching"

First I watched the storm come in this early morning. Then there was a bit of a lull and thought I have to get on the water. Called Tony and we hit it. What a lumpy ride today in kayaks that were more like bucking broncs or mechanical bulls. Yup it was fun though.

"What A Paddle"

I know this looks benign, but the waves today were unbelievable at least one of them. Tony and I were at it again paddling from Middle Cove to Outer Cove and back in the middle of a storm lull that boosted winds in excess of 100km/hr. I hadn't been on the water in a while and was glad to get out there. Like Bob said in an email the waters were like a boiling cauldron. Exciting. To top it off on the north side of Middle Cove on the way back I paddled around a bit and neared the north headland and was elevated on a wave that I can only describe as colossal because when I was looking down its face it was the furthest down a wave I had ever seen. Pheeew! Immediately I thought there was another behind it and surely I was heading for a farmers field. When I watched the wave pass under me and head for shore it eclipsed the cliffs on the north shore for its' size. It was spectacular to watch the back of this monstrosity plunder to shore and crash violently. I did have my video camera rolling but when I came down off the wave I darted Left so as to avoid what I thought might be another one behind it so I hi tailed it out of there and missed its' progress. Tony is not in any of these shots because I took video and have to process. I will post some drama when I get a chance under Paddlehand's Adventures In Kayaking.LOL Hee Haw!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"I'd Rather Be Kayaking"

My desk, this picture and my head are as cluttered as they've been for a while. Those are all signs of paddle withdrawal for me. I may even have to hit a lake tomorrow just to stretch my kayaking muscles as I believe they may be losing their memory. Preoocupied with much lately. Trying to piece together a photo blog but soliciting professional help. 2 am mornings are a thing of common place for me now, must remember to eat!! aaahhhhhHHH!
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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"Kinda Funny Really..."

How i felt taking this shot. I almost or perhaps even did feel sorry for the rose almost embarrassed for it. We are so use to viewing their beauty when they are in full bloom and that is when of course they get their praise for their richness in color and their devine fragrance while on the perked and prickly stem and if you pass near one you are driven by some internal inertia to stop and steal a sniff, hence perhaps ,"stop and smell the roses" for it is hard not to be captivated by the beauty or the scent. When however their fate is decided for them based on seasonal responses to cues,such as cold weather a comin', they begin to loose their splendor. Like a movie star caught candid without their makeup, because they really would like to be seen all gussied a rose I suppose. So when you see either in their less than regal state you feel something, bad, embarrassed, sorry or whatever it is, the moment can sometimes be caught.......and so it was!

During a walk in Bowren Park of St. John's Newfoundland last Saturday.
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Monday, October 05, 2009

"Maple Leaf"

In the fall it is amazing the diversity of color that exists in nature and no where can it be more pronounced and rich than in the leaves of maples in autumn. They are not as characteristic in their thriving state but certainly take on a whole new persona in their lifeless and decaying form and there-in lies the beauty and the spectacle as romanticized and recognized as the one on our flag. It is hard not to feel the symbolism and association of the maple leaf to Canadian culture and mind set as the Bald Eagle may be to American parlance the Maple Leaf is to our identity. We don't have a national bird per see as other countries do, but each province or territory has their provincial or territorial bird. The provincial bird of Nova Scotia is the Osprey and of Newfoundland since 1991 is the Puffin but neither really defines their respective province as the Maple Leaf defines us all as a country. Cheers to the Maple! A new camera shot.
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Friday, October 02, 2009

"That Time Again!!"

It is soon that time again when paddles get way layed because of weather and time constraints. I've been preoccupied lately and the shorter days of daylight make it hard to get on the water after work. This is when you count on your kayaking pictures files from all the great paddles you had in previous months and try to make posts of pictures you haven't posted yet. I'm sure I may have posted this one but it reminds me of the calm of the mroning Tony and I had on a trip this summer right before we crossed Fortune Bay. Seemed like yesterday really. Winds are high tomorrow but hoping to put in somewhere. Just have the need to get on the water and it is clawing at my will to make a concerted effort to get out there ...somewhere....

I got a new camera...definitely not for kayaking but a sweet distraction. Silbs I heeded some of your advice and went with the Nikon D700 totally not disappointed but finding I may have to work the hand muscles to hold the darn thing for any length of time. Hopefully the quality of some of the pictures on the blog will improve a bit more. I plan to actually start another blog that will cater to just my other Somtimes only pictures work for what I want to say. I guess I really have to figure that out.
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