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Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Kitchen Party"


Well you won't be in Canso long durng the summer or weekends before a "kitchen party" breaks out. It is the funnest thing sinced well....sliced bread maybe. With all my family home and neigbours we were able to rip tunes through the night sky on Middle Street. A couple of guitars, some spoons and willing participants to sing we were well on our way by 8pm. Matthew wrote a song and well I played along to the delight of all there. There were songs of old and songs of new but Stan Roger's Barrett's Privateer, Fogarty's Cove and a few other of his songs were shouted to and through the rafters of our small saltbox house by young and old and the night settled in unbeknownst to us partiers. Memories of Friday's and Saturday nights in my early days in Canso flooded through my mind like the tides racing through Hart's Island channel.
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