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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Gov't Wharf"


It used to moor long liners, draggers, trawlers, freezer boats, inshore fishing boats and many more. Government wharves exist in many coastal ports of the Atlantic Provinces in Canada. Their up-keep depending on Gov't funding I presume. They are a mainstay and a necessity for those who ply their trade from the salt waters of this earth. This morning though it marks the beginning of another day in my home town. Yesterday was an amazing day with family. No Kayaking. "Red Sky At Morning Sailors Take Warning" held true to form today as there was rain and winds. A wicked sight at 6 am as I drove though town alone remembering how many times I saw these colored skies in my youth and once again my soul was rejuvenated and I longed for the unfolding of my time with family.
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