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Monday, August 24, 2009

"Canso Regatta 2009"

Well I didn't even realize that I would be home during the Regatta but wow what fun we had and festivities we enjoyed. Of course the boat races and lobster pot pulling contests are the highlights. Maybe next year I can help plan some sea kayak races and add some more excitement to the venue. Sure would be nice to paddle with some Kayak club members from Newfoundland in Canso. At anyrate, the Regatta was more fun than expected the weather was holding nicely and my wonderful time home was coming to an abrupt close and this would be my last day on and in the waters of Canso Town settled in least for this summer.
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Tony said...

Lots of great pictures Stan. You've been busy with all these great posts.

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I enjoy recalling the memories Tony. Time to work on new ones though.