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Thursday, July 02, 2009

"Caribou Yearling"

Alison signalled to me to come near here quietly. I saw an eagle fly off so I thought there might be another close by. I practically kayaked under this caribou as I was trying to figure what she was looking at. With it's summer coat these animals get protection from their colors. I sure couldn't spot it until it got up/

It's gangly legs under it , the little "bou" started to meander off, curious to it's onlookers yet sensible enough to realize danger perhaps.

Standing in the middle of the small island isthmus the sun fell on the yearling and seemed to warm the whole moment. Never had I been this close to such an animal.

Alison was the caribou whisperer today as she spotted both. One earlier that I missed because I had paddled on ahead lost in my own thoughts and what a day to be lost in thought.

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