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Monday, July 27, 2009

"Big Conne"


A very mystical and serene part of the trip was the crossing of Big Conne. Conne is the french slang for 'bitch' which can be offensive or it can be used non-offensively such as, "Je suis conne!", which translates, "I'm so stupid!" There was nothing offensive or stupid during this trip but this most tranquil area reminded me of a spot just west of Branch on another shore on a very similar day. The fog was constantly whaffting ever so gently as there was zero wind and most amazingly calm water considering what we went to bed to just a few hours earlier. If the conditions in the early morning of Sunday had of persisted we would have been forced to hold up at Lobster Cove for the wind and waves were that bad.

Tony in his own thoughts during the Conne cross.
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