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Monday, June 22, 2009

"Cape Broyle, Father's Day"


As all Father's Days should be!
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" Clear Paddling"


Mike Kay cruising out of Cape Broyle harbour on our way to a leisurely father's day paddle.
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Awaiting the rest of the crew, Eugene patiently looks on as we set out on Father's Day for our annual paddle at Cape Broyle.
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"Cape Broyle"


Heading for the water falls on the north shore of Cape Broyle during our KNL father's day yearly paddle. An uneventful day as it turns out. Last year we were in the company of Greg Stamer, this year we had all locals I believe.
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"Tony R."


My friend Tony being part of the day. As father's we had an appreciation as we all did this day for being together on the water.
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"Going With The Flow"


As we must sometimes do on land so too must they beneath the surface of our kayaking highways......'goin' with the flow'.....
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"Washing Up"


Mixing of the fresh with the salt. Falls on north shore of Cape Broyle.
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"Jamie and Alex"


Darting in opposite directions Jamie and Alex escape contact.
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"Blue On Water"


I liked the blue of Sue's kayak on the water in this shot. Kind of stands out.
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"Orange,Red,Yellow,Green, Blue,Black"


All colors present, oh yes, paddlers too. Lance Cove Break. Eat, try other kayaks, and just enjoy each others company.
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"No Lobster?"


I couldn't see any.
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"Lance Lunch"


Lunch at Lance Cove after abut a 7 km level one paddle.
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Tony playing in the beach swell at Lance Cove on Father's Day. Men must play and kayaking is good at bringing out the fun in everything.
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"A Return"


Every great paddle has a return. Such was the Kayak Newfoundland and Labrador Father's Day paddle on Sunday.
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Using a kayak to explore caves, might as well, they sure are captivating that way. Alex and I seem to be attracted to these black entrances. This cave in Cape Broyle was quite benign and did not go in very far.
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Friday, June 12, 2009

"Twilight Skullls..."


Ralph skulling under the clouds this evening at St. Philips.
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"ST. Philips Sessions..."


WEll it was St. Philips again this evening for a bunch of kayakers from the club. Getting together having fun and learning new skills for some and practising old ones for others. The weather was cooperative and conducive for the exercises we indulged in. Brian is being assisted here by Dean but Brian generated quite a bit of forward momentum on the back deck by using his arms on the side as well as the feet to propel forward. Brian is one of the most skilled paddlers I've seen in Newfoundland. He is amazing to watch and learn from. Needless to say it is to the pond for me. Much to hone in on at this point.
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Sunday, June 07, 2009

"Bay Bulls"

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Apparantly this berg calved shortly after we finished our paddle around it yesterday. It would have been a wondrous sight to witness.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

"The Bay Of Bulls......."

...and Bergs as it turns out today on a paddle in Bay Bulls NFLD with my friend Tony. We always seem to get into something when paddling here on The Rock. Today I guess was no different.

Tony being Dwarfed again. In NFLD you always seem to be dwarfed when kayaking, either by bergs, cliffs, sea stacks, caves, waves or boats..there is always something wayyy bigger.

Zoning in on the blueness in this berg. It had a stripe that went through it on one section.

"THe Blue Line"


Getting a better look at that line anyhow!
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"Tucked In Sandstone"


Tony below the outcrops of sandstone at waters edge. Stealthily maneuvering through rock channels.
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"Going Green, Bay Bulls NFLD"

The greens today were astounding. The water, the grass on rock, yes on rock, The kelp under water and seaweed of course made for a spectacular paddle. What an adventurous part of the Avalon Peninsula. Which is why Outfitters also offer kayak tours out of here.

Tony Ejoying the green theme of today.

Even the H2o outside the caves were green.

"Dido Tony"


Just because you have one of me on your blog. ;-)
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When you want to catch a current ya sometimes just gotta reach out and touch one, eh Tony?
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