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Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Giovani Caboto, Cape Bonavista"

Well just not NL, but Noth America is said to owe it's beginnings to this man. An Italian explorer flying under the British flag and King Henry the VII in June 24th, 1497 layed eyes on this Cape and was said to exclaim, "Oh Buona Vista", "Oh Happy Site". Happy site indeed it must have been. For though they did not find the spices and riches of the "Far East" they found the plentiful "cod" that could be caught by the bucket fulls. Now if Europeans want to talk about the desimation of a species by hunting, they should leave the sealing industry alone and concentrate their efforts on the "cod Industry", another story. Little did John Cabot know at that time that his influence would drive a continent.This statue of him stands not far from The Cape light and is on part of a trail that takes you around the rugged coast of Cape Bonavista. I got to paddle out to The Cape the next day. It was windy but I had to see what John Cabot saw from the water.

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