Current Time On The Rock

Monday, May 18, 2009


Looking to inside both entrances/exits one can see the fallen roof of the once covered natural cave. Once the roof collapsed years ago it was left open and visible for all to see from the water and from the land as in the picture I took in the header of my blog. The sea caves are about 300 meters across and about 15 meters deep. People actually swim there when the water is a bit warmer. They can climb down from above, which is tricky in itself but there is definitely a worn trail down or enter as I did in a small craft because at low tide the rocky bottom is very visible. Others look for the fool's gold that is embedded in the walls of the sea cave and might even be able to get pieces as a souvenir. Hard to stay still though with the wind and the small current. The wind when I first entered was strong enough blowing through the outside to push me against the shore. It just literally gusted through and blew the boat across the water's surface. Another scar story for my new boat.

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