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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Clouds Of The Ocean, Dungeon Provincial Park Bonavista Bay"

After paddling in the Dungeon Sea Cave on Saturday MAy 16th, it was time to head East into the ever rising sun and explore some Icebergs, albeit small ones, that were sitting in the Bay. Paddling past sea stacks along the way and noting the sea bottom as it was fairly visible for much of the paddle.

This Iceberg was located just outside Lance Cove and was grounded there in the shallow water.

Icebergs to me are the clouds of the ocean. They can at times drift with the wind and certainly contain their on micro climes in terms of temps and surrounding sea states. They can be dangerous as some clouds can and they can release a furry as wild and ferocious as any cloud when they calve or start to disintegrate. They can leave signs of their presence and sometimes their intentions. Clouds may use color and shape, bergs can use shape and sound, perhaps, color as well when sizing cracks and ice age. Icebergs however are not as predictable as clouds. There is very much of an iceberg we never get to see beneath the waters, maybe the same is true of clouds, but I suspect you see most of the cloud.

Also like clouds we sometimes see what we want to see. We give them names, we give them shapes and we relate them to other things they may look like. So too do we do this with Icebergs. "That one looks like a ....", and it goes on.They are dreamy and they are captivating. That is why I think I like them.

As much as clouds impart color to the ocean below and various shades of blue and green, icebergs seem to impart color to the ocean above in various shades of green and blues as well.

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