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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"My Eclipse"

My kayak, my old faithful, never seems to have a dry hatch anymore despite my re caulking efforts. She is getting her fair share of scratches and perhaps those alone would slow her down a bit. Perhaps my own engine is revving a bit lower. We have both shared many waters and kilometers together. Many muds, mucks, seaweeds and sands. However I am still captivated by the beauty of a kayak, the back-packing of the waters in many ways, not just a means to an end but a modem of companionship as the more you get to know her the better she'll perform and more responsive she will most likely be. Soon I'll have another but The Eclipse will always be that boat that turned me on to kayaking the most part of the family of paddles that has come to be her own.

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