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Friday, April 10, 2009

"Long Harbour"


On our return from Placentia Bay today I did a little loosening up paddle around our take-out spot. Sometimes after a great paddle I find it hard to let go. Just when I feel I have kinks worked out, my mind set for paddling I get this ensuing feeling of loss knowing I have to leave something behind, especially if it was very enjoyable, like today. I know that I will take the experience with me and have it for ever like I do all my kayaking trips, short and long. So when I return it is sometimes as enjoyable to do a little round about to savor every last drop of all those natural endorphins and all natures beauty and smells knowing that there will always be another day. I can't imagine life without water. It's funny that I should say that because my Mother always said that, "if God made anything better than water, he kept it for himself." Today I believe her, as I always have.
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