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Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Berg Environment"


Bergs develop their own sea states when they arrive at a location. They are so big usually that they affect and can disturb the waters around them by creating their own clapotis and cascading sea flows by altering incoming swells , wind waves or both, so paddling near them in these conditions makes a paddler be weary of how close to get because sometimes the water movement around them isn't that predictable. So we always exercise caution when conditions dictate. This one was grounded, flat and close to shore so it was a bit less of a hazard but one still need be weary.
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Cate and David said...

What a beautiful day, how exciting to see pictures of icebergs from the water level.
We're coming to Newfound land in a couple of weeks, hopefully we can see some icebergs like these!

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

You will probably see more exciting bergs than this one but really they are all exceptional. Hope you enjoy your visit.