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Saturday, March 28, 2009

"What We Come To Know"

Of course we know now the elegance and intricateness that is a kayak. I find it amazing that the design of years ago are designs of which we try to emulate today because of a better understanding I guess of what a kayak is designed to do and under what conditions it is seemingly able to do it. With a realization that the craft should be able to do one thing or a bunch of things, track, stable in rugh weather, light, waterproof etc and the "craftee" or "crafter" able to do another set, roll, hunt, dawn appropriate attire for conditions etc. Even this artifact of about 150-200 years embelishes all that is the complexity yet at first glance the simplicity and beauty that endures time and seemingly cultual transferance and even the old as pleasing to be gazed upon as the new.

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