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Sunday, February 01, 2009

"The Northeast Headland Of Bell Island"

 A foreboding site are the shores of Bell Island. Her architecture is one of vivacious curves, steep cliffs and sharp stacks. Yet there are small pockets of beaches that dot her coastline and some look as dangerous for landing as any may expect for the northern exposure and the long fetch from Conception Bay coupled with lots and lots of shoaling on the Northwest side makes for extremely big waves just before they crash either on shore or against the steepened cliffs. So when you paddle Bell Island you have to be constantly scanning the horizon for building waves and breaking crests lest you be unexpectedly devoured. The thing is , is that they are not constant and can unpredictably seemingly come out of no where but you sure feel them when you sart to lift skyward. The other part of this is the clapotis that envelopes the whole of the Island as wind and waters make their way around her shores. A fun Island to paddle but you have to be vigilant is all.
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