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Monday, February 09, 2009

"I Like Her Lines"

 Now every now and again I give her praise. I like her inside out and outside in. I love her fine lines and her ability to contrast and stand out. I like how she slides on the cold hard stones and how she rocks when she gets wet. I love crawling in and out of her but I love most how she makes me feel inside. I can't help but feel her smoothness with every stroke as she glides through the water. When she comes to rest it is then and only then that I realize she is mine. Though I like to control her I give her the respect she deserves and allow her to move and respond to my every whim. Sometimes, sometimes when she catches me off guard and flips me over, I love to roll back up on top and take control and once again enjoy her rhythm with mine as we harmonize to a cadence that is one with each other. When I give her the accessories she seems to crave we find balance in our desires and when those times arise when she needs to be tweaked she gets nothing but the best. She never seems to tire and is always available when I need and want her most. When those emotions prevail that can only be spent on her we seem to soak up each others strengths and use them to meld a fluid motion that only she can then push down her sides. That is when I love her lines, that is when she shines.
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Tony said...

... and never asks for anything in return!

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Now if I could only get her to pack