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Thursday, January 01, 2009

" Ice Slummin' "

 There were lots of frozen run-offs on the trip in Fremeuse today on both sides of the Harbour, however there seems to have been a greater display on the south side. I took a small break for a pee and a photo op. The new drysuit and pfd worked great and it was sweet to finally have a relief zipper in my dry gear.
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Tony said...

I don't know whether to call up at 5:30 dedication or just being driven. Excellent pictures Stan, the contrast between the dark rocks and white ice. Black drysuit and a new black Nordkapp in the spring, you'll be the "Black Knight"!

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Hey Tony it would have been complete having you along. I like the early morning starts because sometimes you are treated to wicked sunrises. I was hoping but it was too overcast. I definitely have to invest in a mini tripod for this camera as it does not do well under dark conditions and pictures I took I was counting on being sweet turned out blurry. Tripod would be good for shootin' video as well.

Maybe "Black Tide" lol ;-)