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Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Holyrood, Newfoundland"

Holyrood was once known as Holyrode in 1689. Hollyrode has been interpreted by historians as an old English name for "Holy Cross" from the ancient Anglo Saxon word "rode" meaning staff or cross. Many early settlers of Holyrood were of Irish Catholic descent. It is believed that many settlers relocated from Ireland during high immigration in the 1800's. Sir Albert Walsh, was the son of William P. and Sophia Butler Walsh, both of Holyrood. Sir Albert Walsh became the first Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland on April 1, 1949.

In 1969 the Town of Holyrood incorporated.

It was a nice place to paddle today in calm waters and a low wind. The water was 1 degree celsius and the air was about zero. A great paddle with my friend Tony on a Sunday morning. As David Francey says in one of his songs, "Way off in the distance there rang a bell and it rang for the Saints and the Sinners as well..."


Michael said...

Nice to see you're still out paddling. My local waters have all frozen over, so the best I can do is dream. David Francy, BTW, was once a neighbour, living just down the road a ways. Great guy who deserves the success he's found.

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I saw him on Salt Spring Island in BC years back and Met him here in Newfoundland a couple years ago at a festival. I love his music. Torn Screen Dooor is one of my favs.