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Friday, January 02, 2009

"Harnessing The Wind"

 An interesting fact I forgot to mention about Fermeuse yesterday was its Wind Power Project that will soon be under way in the community. There are about 7 or 8 huge wind turbines ready to generate enough power for about 5500 homes. The 24 Mega watts of energy will make that community and communities around it recipients of clean energy. An avian and bat study was accepted recently and the turbines should be spinning soon. I recently read an article about people living close to these colossal structures that are about 65-85 meters in height and about 60 -80 meters in diameter and how some residents may be affected by infra-sound in something that may be similar to sea sickness. It appears to be worse at night and may interrupt sleep. 1.5 miles is stated as being an optimal distance from community inhabitants but the ones you see in this picture are located fairly close to its inhabitants. I didn't see them when I put in for the morning paddle because it was dark but when I paddled down the south side of Fermeuse they were hard to miss.
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Tony said...

We need more of these green projects, especially in Labrador coastal communities were electricity is diesel generated. I didn't realize they had been installed in Fermeuse; interesting photo perspective too.

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Yeah Tony I hear ya. The wind turbines are more in Lumley's Cove I guess in behind Shep's Head there. Good on Fermeuse I say.