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Thursday, January 01, 2009

"Fermeuse, Newfoundland"

 Some believe that Fermeuse, is a dirivative of the word Fermosa which means beauty. Maps dated to the early 1500's refer to the area as Rio Fremoze. Fermeuse was not settled until the early 1700's by English settlers and in the 1800's the Irish settlement in the area increased. In 1677 the summer census had the population of around 160 men. In 1732 Fermeuse had 32 English Masters, 267 male servants, 1 wife, 1 female servant, 40 children, and 35 male Irish fishing servants. I'm no mathematician but it just seems a little bit skewed on the male side. In 1905, Michael Shallow born in Fermeuse in 1874, becomes British Empire Heavyweight Boxing Champion.
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