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Friday, January 30, 2009

"Black Water"

Sometimes when you paddle you are exposed to various colors of water. Doesn't really matter much...or does it? If your were paddling in/on a beautiful turquoise ocean near land and enjoying the soothing sun would the water affect your mood. The color I mean? Well if you've been on the earth awhile I am sure you heard of mood rings and how they change color to reflect your mood based on body temperature. I am wondering if the reverse can be true by having the color of the water during a paddle affect to some extent your accompanying mood. What about a sky blue ocean, undulating, rolling, echoing the reflection of a fair weather cumulus sky, would that be somewhat relaxing? Now what about a dark or black ocean pitted with rain drops and rising constantly above the horizon in the distance would that be intimidating, soothing, relaxing, intense....frightening?

I am moved by the colors of water I believe. Perhaps it is because they represent or reflect, to some extent, what is going on in the environment around you at the time. When we add the color to the concept of wave we can even get another mood alteration or emotional switch.Water is water, it is still wet no matter the color, it will still freeze given the right temperature and depending on salinity. How does frozen water affect your mood? I enjoy all the colors of water I paddle in and I allow them to affect my mood and sometimes look forward to their colors and their ways because it is after all the medium for kayak travel and as much as we are enticed by the colors of our boats and our gear so too can we be moved by our travelling medium.

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