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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


 Sometime when you paddle you get into a zone, I guess most times this is the norm. When you paddle with someone often you know or learn how to read them. For instance you know when they are in their zone, their cadence, their kayaking space, this is what makes paddling with others also fun is to have the solitude of the paddle when you want it and the camaraderie of the paddle when little chats and over the wind yearns are essential when enjoying the paddling company of others.
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Tony said...

This where I think I was "puttin' the pedal to the metal". Into a strong headwind I paddle more upright to get max power out of the paddle.

Tony :-)

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

The way it should be. Maintaining the power stroke into a headwind is sometimes counter intuitive to what we may want to do for stability which is keep a lower paddling stance for a quick brace perhaps. The power stroke is the way to go and it thin becomes a matter oof inserting the blade on the stroke side into the wave crest or back rather than the trough where you loose a bit of stability. Nice form anyways buddy!