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Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Chasin'-Tony and A Head Wind"

Today we just paddled for fun and exercise in windy conditions and rough waters. It seems for me no matter how many times we subject ourselves to this, there is always improvements to be had in my strokes and technique and I guess that's what paddling in different conditions is all about. Improving, modifying, changing or tweaking all going on in splits of seconds. The water is definitely getting colder now and with the wind evaporating even faster the water on exposed skin, there is a chill. A few rolls at the end of our paddle though reaffirmed any notion we may have had that the water wasn't getting any colder. Keeping the 1-10-1 theory of hypothermia in mind we submerged ourselves and I think Tony might be growing gills at this There has been discussion on our newsgroup about hypothermia, gasp reflex, testing drysuits etc. I guess if you are gonna paddle in the stuff ya might as well get a feel for what it will be like if dunked......for any length of time!
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Tony said...

That was a blast today Stan. The water is still warmer than most would suspect so rolling (I think) is still to do. In fact, its probably good to get some saline solution up the nostrils this time of year to ward off colds!

Tony :-)