Current Time On The Rock

Thursday, October 02, 2008


 An undersurface shot of Krill as I entered this rock tunnel. Krill if you are unfailiar, is a shrimp like marine invertebrate. They are small crustaceans and important organism of the zooplankton, particularly as food for Baleen whales, whale sharks, crabeater seals and other seals. A few bird species feed exclusively on them. No wonder those seals were playing everywhere.

The name "Krill" comes from the Norwegian word Krill meaning "young fry of fish". A fry is a recently hatched fish. Most Krill are swarming animals; the size and density of such swarms depending on the species and region. Swarming is a defensive mechanism confusing smaller predators that would like to snatch individuals. I noticed how the swarm became very dense as I paddled slowly into the opening.
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