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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Cape St. Mary's Lighthouse, Cape St. MAry's Newfoundland"

The day is September 27th, 2008 and I am looking at this lighthouse and the fog and wondering where all the birds are. It is my first time at "The Cape" and I couldn't even see the lighthouse when I was only 30 meters in front of it, I heard it loud and clear though. There is a sign posted indicating that the foghorn can damage your hearing. I understand why.

I attempted this morning to paddle out to The Cape from St. Bride's in Distress Cove. I was forced to turn back because of the thick fog that had rolled in only 1 and a half hours into my paddle. I just played around St. Bride's for a bit and decided to head for a community on the east side of the pennsula called Branch and on the way there I stopped at Cape St. Mary's Eclogical Bird Sanctuary to see if it was foggy there to...of course. Thicker than St. Bride's. All I could see was this lighthouse....once I tripped over it that is.

I left here and headed to Lance Cove where I paddled for about 3 hours and played in the surf and will post those pictures tomorrow. The sun came out in Lance Cove at about 1500h so I headed back to Cape St. Mary's and was able to take the following pictures. I was so gald to have made the decision to return to view "The Cape" on a sunny day. They say that if an eagle hoovers overhead you will be blessed with luck and so I was for the rest of my weekend journey.

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