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Monday, September 29, 2008

"Arriving Out Of The Fog"

It is sometimes a challenge paddling in fog when you are only paddling on a compass point. Not too bad when you are on an island because you just keep land to the right or left of you depending on your route. You still wonder in your mind however if that land mark or aid to navigation is going to be where you took your bearing from before you left the harbour. Something too look forward to on your return perhaps. Paddling too close to cliffs etc. in the fog is tricky at times especially if little outcrops of rocks or ledges appear out of the fog suddenly. You can listen to the waves crashing to let you know your proximity to shore as well as evaluating the waters you are currently in for refractory waves, clapotis from cliffs and ocean swells and wind waves. Confused seas are easy to detect when you near them obviously and all these clues are picked up easily and sometimes simultaneously when you paddle in dense fog and can see only meters in front of you.

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