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Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Beaumont -Hamel"

 On July 1st, 1916, 801 Newfoundlanders of the 1st battalion regiment in broad daylight jumped out of their trenches in "no where man's land" and advanced into point blank fire of the enemy, (the 119Th reserve, Infantry Regiment, part of the Wurttemberg, 26th reserve division) and with chins tucked down as if walking into a blizzard,they advanced and of the 801 that left the trench that day, only 68 remained after 30 minutes. Every time I look at the ferry that bares the name in honor of that battle, crossing the Bell Island Tickle of Newfoundland, I can't help but think of the brave souls who so bravely gave of their lives on both sides. Kayaking is a constant reminder of the many freedoms we enjoy in the out-of-doors and why we have it today.
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Anonymous said...

Its inconceivable to me to sacrifice your life like these Newfoundlanders did. I could understand it if it was your own homeland and to not stand up meant rape and pilage etc. But this was for the Empire.

Born in Holland, I can't say that I would find the germans brave souls. They were the agressors, the allies had to stand and fight.

The Beaumont Hamel battlefield, as well as Yimy and Normandy beaches are on my list of must see.