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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Greg Has Landed"

 Greg Stamer has finished his circumnavigation of Newfoundland this evening in Quidi Vidi harbour. There were people on hand to great him and share in his accomplishment. Newfoundland in 43 days. Just friggin' amazing. At dinner with Greg and some Kayak Newfoundland Club Members it was interesting to hear the highlights of his trip and the details of his long crossings in sometimes near treacherous conditions. Gerg was more than happy to finally be able to chow down on some green colored food namely a salad after many moose meals. The unfortunate thing for me is that my camera battery died just as he was entering the harbour wall of Quidi Vidi. So much for photo op. Gregs accomplishment puts him well ahead in the fastest kayaking time around the rock. Can't wait to see some of his shots.
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