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Monday, July 14, 2008

"Distant Fishplant"

 My brother-in-law and I paddle around Canso for most of a day. In the distance of Canso Harbour you can see an old fishplant being demolished. I worked in every part of that fishplant in my youth, it was my inspiration to leave and a decision today I somewhat regret but I wasn't a fisherman like my brothers. I always looked to the ocean to see when the fishing draggers were coming in as we knew that the plant would be in full swing now I look to the plant that gave so much to Canso's economy and like many in the Atlantic provinces has succumbed to dwindling fish stocks. Though the life blood was sucked slowly out of the town it still refuses to let go of its heritage and lobster and crab are the mainstay these days. Lucrative though it is to a few there are many more who wish the days of old and fish a plenty for everyone were still to be had.
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