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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"Raindrop Rapture"

The raindrop from the heavens is captured by this plant. You can see on closer viewing that the image of the leaves beneath the drop is refracted so that you can see an image of the leaves on the drop. "....and raindrops keep falling....". One of the reasons I guess that this drop stays together is that the H20 molecules have an affinity for eah other (cohesion)and the reason the water droplet has a rounded appearance and just hasn't dissipated is due to the surface tension exhibited by the cohesive properties, such that the tension is being caused by the hydrogen bonding b/w h2o moelcules and the more polar the liquid, (greater degree of + and - charge), the greater the surface tension, or something like that. I just like the subject and the freshness that it imparts to the image and the hike I was on. Now when you factor in the crisp scents of the surroundings it allows me to appreciate more of the spirituality than the religion of the moment.

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