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Sunday, June 08, 2008

"Lobster Buoy"

Years ago in Atlantic Canada Lobsters were considered bottom scavengers and weren't looked upon as a preferred food from the ocean. Cod, Halibut and haddock were of more consequence and taste in most peoples minds. Lobster did become a delicacy as lean years made their value increase and lobster licenses became very value able and sought after. Years of vicious storms and the environment had its deleterious affects as well, which helped make lobster more of a commodity.

Today lobster is plentiful it is like it is at some kind of peak in some kind of cycle. Most fisherman know that these days of plenty are usually cyclical in the fishing industry. In PEI some fisherman are just not going out due to the amounts being caught and the low price being paid. The cost of manpower, fuel and such is not making it worth it, now I never heard of that before. Times they are a changing. Maybe we are in the precursor days of recession but whatever the reason for lobster a plenty my sister in Cape Breton ,NS will always be eating them. She loves them. I like them but could just as easily enjoy very crispy chicken wings with Blue Cheese dip, but I certainly won't refuse the ones my brother will probably have waiting for us when we visit in the first week of July. I will be on the water for Canada Day but in a much bigger boat than I paddle, the NL ferry to North Sydney, NS. Homeward bound.

So this buoy on a recent paddle is a reminder of a lot of things but mostly that in or on the water life is changing as much or as little as it certainly is on land.

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