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Saturday, June 21, 2008

"The Burrito Man"

 Pete you put a wrap to the day for Thanks for volunteering to be our victim for the burrito wrap demonstration simulating a hypothermia paddler. It was very informative, enlightening, humorous and most of all useful for all paddlers in attendance.
Our Burrito Wrap consisted of a bottom tarp being placed under the patient,(of course dry cloths would be put on the victim), a Mylar wrap is then placed around the victim still lying on the tarp, a large garbage bag is pulled on to the victim from the feet up, ( to catch any body fluids), a sleeping bag is then wrapped around the victim further sealing in any heat. It was determined that it is best to organise the cinching rope under the trap before the victim is placed on it to minimize moving the victim around (hypothermia people are fragile),the tarp is then wrapped around the victim and cinched with the ropes and victim prepared for transport. It was also determined that a pillow of sorts, jacket, sweater, etc would be good for the head. We also put a balaclava on the head of our victim to minimise heat lost from that area. Even though we had fun with this procedure we are well aware of the gravity of such a situation and were made to realize that this can only be carried out if one takes the ingredients for such a scenario on each and every outing that you may be in. A remark was made about a comment made by Derek Hutchinson who once stated that North Americans do not take gear "generally" in their hatches on such outings. That is why they are there. Use them!
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