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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Terra Nova River"

The NL kayak club is very fortunate to be able to host whitewater and sea kayaking events simultaneously at their retreat as both waters are within very easy reach of the designated camp site and retreat base. There is always tremendous paddles either on the sea or various rivers around that area of NL. The Terra Nova empties in an area known as Glovertown, which in itself is an extremely scenic community as are all the communities in the Terra Nova Park area. This geography also allows for the whitewater and sea kayaking members to socialize together and share their skills and It truly is a great time and as can be seen in the pictures that follow you can enjoy the energy of both venues WW and sea kayaking, as I like to do. Last year we had Greg Stamer and Freya Hoffmeister as guests and this year we had Bryan Smith who is making a movie in NL in the Twilingate area, lots of icebergs up there, and Fergus Coffey who I did not meet but also was a guest at our retreat this year.

The interesting thing is, is that they had to fly to St. John's twice only to be unable to land due to fog. Finally they landed in Deer Lake at 12 midnight on the eve of the retreat and drove 5 hours in fog to their destination to hold clinics at 10 the next morning......and they did. It seems so true in kayaking that the best layed plans always seem to encounter a hiccup.

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