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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"Sore Shoulders"

Well I've slacked off in working out for about a week. My shoulders needed a break I figure. I had a cold for about a week as well. First time I've been near this ill in a while. Few years at any rate. Well tonight still a bit tired....well a lot tired I trudged to the gym for about and hour of body torment or at least it felt like that for a while but I am always amazed that no matter how bad I feel going in I always feel so much better coming out. That occurrence has not failed me yet. Many circumstances and excuses may be dreamt up for not going but the only real one I believe that would ever really be true is "Gone Kayaking"!
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Anonymous said...

That's the way it is sometimes Stan. I go to the gym just going to do a light workout and the next thing I know I've finished a gut-busting workout. Gotta love the pump!

Tony R :-)