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Saturday, May 10, 2008

"Saturday Outing"

I paddled with Brian and Pete today out around Conception Harbour. There was one berg grounded near shore and a 100 footer lurking near but obscure. You could see it from Conception Bay South and when you drove over to locate it on the north side we did find that it was lurking behind a cliff that if you drove down Marysvale Road you could see a chunk of it. Hope you got to see it Alex. We put in a ways away from the big one and satisfied our days paddle with a quick lunch break and a berg-paddle-by. It is challenging trying to shoot a picture of Brian and Pete, they are like Malcolm.......constantly in motion. It was not a planned paddle as I ran into Brian when he too was scouting for that big berg, we were on land at this point. Hooked up and put in by way of Conception Harbour.

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