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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The little Island in this picture use to have 17 houses on it during the fishing days of NL. Situated in Bonavista Bay these little communities are now still fishing but in a much scaled down version. This community now fishes lobster and crab. Very lucrative for those with a license but for those fisherman without just a touch of animosity. We drove here after our retreat weekend. My roof rack broke in this area and luckily not on the transcanada. With the help of an older local resident I was able to make repairs. I needed an allen wrench so the oldtimer goes down to his shed on the water a locates a wrench for me to finish the job. It took me about 45-50 minutes by the time I unloaded everything and reloaded again. This is the kindness you find in all the outports of NL. We had great conversation.
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