Current Time On The Rock

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Seeing these things tend to elicit a lot of different emotions and the neat thing about photgraphying Icebergs is that tomorrow or in a couple of days they may look completely different, from calving or simply being eaten by fog. I guess, in a sense, fog, rain, and heat are Iceberg Predators. It is hard to believe that anything that big has a predator and these are probably no where near the biggest that are yet to arrive.
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Michael said...

A great photo, Stan! I like the colour, the very chill of it! And you're right, a year even better than last from the the looks of it!

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Yes Michael its amzing really to see the waters clustered with Icebergs. Unfortunately there has been little sun mostly fogs for weeks now. Would be nice to get some different weather shots.

Hope you had a good trip down south.