Current Time On The Rock

Sunday, May 04, 2008

"Covering Rocks"

The Gut at Tors Cove was active with waves of all sizes it was interesting watching them form as they washed thru the isthmus that slowed their progress. It was like I could pick the degree of difficulty as the wave formed closer to the other side gave the beginning wave which was big frothing and full of energy and as they swiftly passed thru the isthmus they gradually diminished in size so in the middle of the isthmus they were about half as big as the original and by the time they got thru the rocks they would have diminished in size considerably, but the neat thing was is that you could chose ones that would break or ones that would not depending on where in the isthmus you were. The bonus of course to all this is that the Icebergs were your backdrop.

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