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Saturday, April 05, 2008


The Motto of the 413 Squadron based out of Greenwood Nova Scotia is "We Watch The Waves" something I figure we as kayakers share with this group.
The Cormorant could be a kayakers best friend. These helicopters are amazing and they fly in just about any kind of weather. They have three Turbine engines that give the Search And Rescue machine a range of 1000km and a maximum lift off weight of up to 14,600kg. Based at 3 wings across Canada, the Cormorant fleet serves both the east and the west coast. Roughly 60% of the missions are marine SAR while the other 40% is land.

If you're looking at the under-belly of this thing you are probably in a situation you much rather not be in, if ya had a choice. Such was not my case as I left work on Friday afternoon and this SAR Helicopter was delivering a patient to the hospital. I'm sitting here tonight fiddling with my VHF and hoping I never have to use it to summon this sort of help but relieved knowing it is there. Getting ready to take the VHF course next week. In Canada you have to be licensed to operate one of these so I must take the course, good to have anyway. I shot the under-belly of the helicopter as it was lifting off the landing pad. You can really feel and hear the ripping raw power these things have.

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