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Friday, April 25, 2008


Well it sure would be nice if that big "Blocky" Iceberg off St. John's Bay would work its' way closer to shore. I took a look at the AMEC Surface Winds Forecast for tomorrow and tonight and the winds are favorable to blow the thing closer but I believe some wave action and tides might help as well. I'll check from Signal Hill in the am tomorrow and decide if I'll be paddling Ocean or Lake I guess. There is 6o% Chance of flurries and winds maybe up to 30kn. Not nice for Ocean paddling and the berg most likely will be as far off as it was today or will have floated more to the south, past St. John's but might be able to reach near it on the South Shore. Very speculative at this point. The little red blip in the above diagram is about where she floats now. Oh yes, and you shouldn't paddle near them at any rate ; )
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