Current Time On The Rock

Sunday, March 02, 2008


In Avondale there are remnants of the old cod fishing days. Those days are unfortunately a thing of the past. The Gov't likes to quell the NL'ers desire for a fishery by allowing a recreation fishery which is seasonal during the summer months. These old icons, the NFLD Dory and the old fishing home tells but a different story of bygone days of fuller times.


Alison Dyer said...

stan - did you say what camera you use. the colours and detail are so sharp. a

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Hey Alison, thanks for the comment. Sometimes the camera seems to take sharper images than others and there are tmes I can tweek the images with Picassa. Seasoned photographers use photoshop or some other program. I have a Sony DSC-S85 a bit older of a model. Soon to be replaced. This one has been awesome though but currently if you look in the upper left hand quadrant of some of my pictures you will see what looks like a curved shadowy artifact...noticeable on the "early in the evening " photo of this blog. It is actually a hair inside my lens that will not come out and they say.... SONY that is, that nothing can be done. Its a real pain and I've lost some nice shots but sometimes I can crop it out. Hence a new camera in the not to distant future. I figure I'll be researching for a while. I wish Silbs was closer maybe he could give me lessons.