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Saturday, March 08, 2008

"Thought I Heard A Red-Winged Blackbird..."

Thought I heard a Red-Winged Blackbird, Red winged-Blackbird down my row......David Francey sings a song entitled Red-Winged Blackbird and he is one of my favourite folk singers. Originally from Ayrshire Scotland but lives in Canada now. I know a few of his songs, however my all time favourite is "Torn Screen Door" which he sings a capella. Wicked!! This was shot in BC I was kayaking in a lake one day and paddled into a bunch of channels of Bullrushes and weeds. There was a couple of Red winged Blackbirds that were flirting with the camera I think or perhaps just curious but they ended up sticking around for about 35 minutes flying about, landing on the bullrushes and checking me and my kayak out.
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Michael said...

David Francey used to live near us before moving to Ontario. His wife is a naturalist and we'd often take walks along the local rivers. It took a bit of pushing to get him on stage, but he's done well with his songs once he made up his mind to do it full time. Great guy!

Stan Mac Kenzie said...

Yes I agree Michael. I first saw him in a little chapel at a small festival on an Island off Vancouver Island. I was captured right away by his voice and his working man kind a songs. I know all his Torn Screen Door album songs and had a chance to meet him at a festival two years ago here in NFLD. I told him I played his songs in my Nuclear Medicine Deapartment in BC while patients were being scanned, and they would always want me to write down who was singing before they left. He seemed surprised and very humble, he seemed a very nice man.
What a small world.