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Monday, March 17, 2008

"Sheila's Brush"

They say that a full moon in March is known as a storm moon. You have no idea!

"Beware the Ides of March", ring loudly in my ears as the 60-70 or so km/hr winds howl outside right now. Impending doom and this Julius Caesar metaphor is but an inkling of the blizzard we are being lambasted with as I type right now. I believe the worst of the winter and spring is neigh!

In Newfoundland lore they call it Sheila's Brush, that hits around St. Patrick's Day. Well Sheila, all I can say is, your timing is impeccable. The resulting snow is supposed to be attributable to Sheila's sweeping away of the last of winter......see ya in May Sheila cause ya got a lot of sweepin'. Not to be cynical mind you, but our snow was almost gone last week. The storm is so bad our road is impassable, full of snow. It started after work at about 3pm today and is supposed to carry on until the afternoon tomorrow. I was already out shovelling twice. You can't keep up. Should be interesting pictures around town tomorrow.

Oh Yes, and Sheila, that flowering crab tree sticky thing, on our lawn, to the left in the picture, you can take it with ya!
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