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Saturday, March 08, 2008

"Queensport Light"

Not far from my home town in Canso NS. The Queensport Light still shines. Queensport Light was built in 1882 on an island called Rook Island which is another name for crow. Queensport harbour used to be called Crow Harbour. The indian name for Queensport was Wedonitk, "having a mouth". Rook Island shelters Queensport from the cold north blowing winds. In the early days before the Canso Causeway was constructed, which connects mainland NS to Cape Breton Island, the ice from Chedbucto Bay use to flood these small harbours and fisherman use to be able to walk out to the light. Such is not the case today. On the drive home you always looked for this landmark as you new you were almost there. I was trying to capture the actual light for the picture as it was revolving.
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