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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


May or may not be what ya think. Globicephala melaena. This is not a dinosaur. Of course when I saw the sign "Pothead Whale"...I had to investigate.The pilot whale gets it's local name from its round pot-shaped head.

In late summer or arly autumn you can find these toothed whales in the bays of Conception, Trinity and Bonnavista chasing the squid. Potheads are dark black and have a long curved dorsal fin. They measure about 3 meters and can weight up to three tons. Up t0 50,000 of these whales can come to the waters from the winter habitat of the grand banks. I am not very sure how accurate the literature is that I got this figure from however.

This picture was taken at "The Rooms" which is kind of a gallery, museum, and possibly convention complex in downtown St. John's.
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