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Sunday, March 02, 2008


On a morning hike around Kitchuses NL. The sun was out for the whole day here. This area is the western side of Conception Bay. This Little village is just before Colliers on the way to Bacon Cove. The beached wreck looks like it at some point was going to launch clearly up to the road, however by the looks of the amount of rust it has been there awhile. Mar.01, 2008. In particular this area of NFLD has some very nice paddling spots that include, Bacon Point, Avondale, Colliers Bay, Polly Morgans Hole, Holyrod and Brigus to name but a few. The Bays were kind of frozen today but it would have been a beauty day for paddling however the temps were about -12 celsisus without the wind.
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